Thursday, July 31, 2008

Werder nobody signs for Arsenal

"As leftfield signings go, this has the potential to be Wenger's greatest coup yet, on the proviso that Bischoff turns out to be as good as the Arsenal manager hopes he is."

- Sam Wallace, the Independent

Amaury Bischoff looks strikingly similar to an actor who looks like Jim Carrey. I can't remember his name, but I think he does comedies as well. Oh wait, he's that guy from the sitcom "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place"?

Anyway, Sammy Wallace has nailed it. Bischoff is the result of Wenger believing his own press. Buying promising, highly-rated youngsters (e.g. Reyes, Cesc and Nasri) is getting old. Buying stalled starlets from big, big clubs (e.g. Vieira and Henry) is boring. Buying twenty-something superstars from middling leagues (e.g. Pires and Eduardo) is playing it way too safe.

Instead, he's going for a challenge.

He's going to turn an obscure, half-French, injury-prone, uncapped Portugeezer into the greatest player since Vieira. Forget 3 million for Vieira. Forget 500,000 for Anelka. How about NOTHING for Bischoff? Oh yeah.

Does anyone have any idea how good this guy is? I want to believe. I suspect he's pretty good. Werder were desperate to keep him, Portugal wase livid when he didn't front for the U-20 World Cup, and Wenger, by all accounts, is a pretty good judge of a player's potential.

In other news, Tottenham will pay us 8 million pounds for the honour of having an ex-Arsenal player in their side. Thanks, David Bentley. That'll cover Wenger's transfer expenses for the next decade.

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lanski said...

the money from Bentley were really sweet news yesterday however it is Blackburn who are going to pay us. I've see Bentley quite a few times before we sold him when Wenger was playing him in a 'Bergkamp' position and he is no better now then before. stupid money for him but good for us.