Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Harry's off to Galatasaray

"There were a lot of other clubs out there but this is perfect for me. Galatasaray wanted me from the start. The facilities are great. It's a fantastic city and I'm willing to learn."

- Harry Kewell, about his move to Galatasaray

Harry's off to Galatasaray, after weeks of speculation that he'd wind up at Roma.

Oh well.

You know, it would've been nice to see him play cute one-twos with Totti and co. It would've been nice to see him at play in a technical, tactical league like the Serie A. But you know... I suppose Roma's not willing to punt on Kewell's dodgy legs, much like the rest of the known world.

It's a shame because he's still a really, really good player. If fit. And willing. And able to play through pain, muscle strain and gout. Which, judging from the evidence of the past few years, he's not. I still can't believe he missing the World Cup 2nd round match because of gout. How does a professional footballer develop gout at the most important tournament in the world?

At the time, I thought his move to Liverpool was a poor choice. I really did. I still do. There was interest from the Arsenal at the time. We needed someone to sub for Pires and Bergkamp, and Kewell would've been perfect - a left-footed winger/striker with pace, invention, trickery and flair. An amazing talent that could've set the world on fire if given the right guidance. It would've made my day.

Instead, he punted for Liverpool, and we punted for Reyes. In retrospect, I think everyone lost out on that deal. Kewell was good in patches at Liverpool, but he never lived up to his potential, did he? And Reyes flattered to deceive.

I think Kewell's career has been one half-lived. It's been good in parts; he's won a Champions League medal, represented Australia at the World Cup, and watched from physio's table at the highest level for about 10 years. But I remember his days at Leeds, and that potential, and that talent, and I wonder what might've been if he'd moved to the right club, and if he'd remained injury-free.

Our one world-class talent should've become a world-class player. But we'll never know now, I guess. Good luck to him at Gala, anyway.

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