Sunday, July 20, 2008

Loving Theo Walcott

'Everyone is different, but the stuff you see some footballers doing, cheating on their girlfriends and stuff, I just think, "Why?" Why have a girlfriend, or a wife and kids if you're going to cheat?... And drinking; when you've finished your career you can have a drink - obviously not become an alcoholic... I don't drink at all. I never have done. Back at school people would take the mick out of me for not drinking at parties and stuff, but that didn't bother me. It's only a short career and the way you are off the pitch makes a big difference.'

- Theo Walcott, in a puff piece from the Observer

I love Theo.

I'm sure a lot of grown men love Theo. Theo would probably be quite nervous if he knew just how much we love him. It's not just because he's young, quick and talented. It's not just because he's English in a squad of foreign nationals. It's not even because he's got a great family, a good head on his shoulders and a lovely girlfriend. It's just...

He's such a nice boy.

You'd imagine him helping little old ladies cross the road on the way home from school. He'd call home if he'll be late for supper. He'd tussle the hair of his impish younger siblings and lark around with them in the backyard. He's the kind of kid you wish your daughter would date. He's the kind of kid you wish you could raise.

I don't feel this way about any of our other youngsters. Not Ramsey, nor Denilson, not even Cesc. Don't get me wrong, I love Cesc to bits, but there isn't that sense of proprietorship. Cesc was, and will always be, a Barca boy. When you watch him play, you know that he'll only grace us with his talents for a few years. Theo, on the other hand, may well stay with us forever (or until he's 30). Plus, there was that traumatic World Cup 2006 selection, and those comments made by that nasty Steven Gerrard. He's just a kid, but dammit, he's OUR kid. I guess I love him because he's one of ours, in a way that none of our other youngsters can be.

I could go on, but my fingers are cold and stiff and it's a bother to type.

Just want to reiterate - I love Theo.

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ArseNole said...

I was thinking about this myself the other day, and actually after watching the Barnet match I've decided to grow similar facial hair to what he has now, which I have dubbed, "The Theo." Plus he's the name and number on my new kit this season!