Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nasri signs!

"I like offensive, technical and quick football - exactly in the style of Arsenal... I hope I will integrate myself quickly in this team and bring everything I can to Arsenal and the fans. I can play in the centre or on the wing, behind one or two strikers, on the left or the right. I was a big fan of the team and of its football philosophy, which makes it so great for me to be joining the club."

- Sammy Nasri, Arsenal fan and all-round good guy

Well, we've got Nasri. Surprising, hey? Right out of the blue, this one. I thought we were after Arsharvin all this time. That Wenger sure keeps things under wraps.

It's nice that he's offering to play on the flanks. We'll need a bit of speed and width. Let's hope Nasri will be able to provide more directness to our play. It's one thing Hleb never managed to do. I like the attitude as well; he should fit this side like ugg boots on a bogan. He doesn't score many goals - 11 goals in 145 appearances for Marseille - but I guess with a record like that, he'll fit right into our side.

These are exciting times. Nasri and Ramsey are both very good prospects, and Nasri, at least, is good enough to make an impact this season. And no one nicknamed "Rambo" can be bad, yeah? I suppose Wenger will use Nasri sparingly for the first six months (like most of his signings), so maybe Walcott will be given a chance on the right. Or maybe Vela will be switched to the right flank. Or Eboue given another chance.

It's going to be an interesting first half of the season.

One thing that worries me is that Nasri's not the best looking chap in the world. Coupled with Ramsey, our future midfield is going to look pretty damn ugly. At least Flamini's left, and Hleb's going. Could you imagine a midfield quartet of Nasri, Flamini, Ramsey and Hleb? Too hideous to contemplate.

At the moment, my guess for the midfield is Nasri, Rosicky, Fabregas and Song. That's okay. Song's not exactly pretty, but he's got awesome hair. Definitely watchable for that. Whatever happens, let's hope Theo Walcott breaks in the first team this year - we need a genuine looker in the side, or I'll be gouging out my eyes by January.

Still, why the fuck hasn't Mark Milligan been signed? He could be the answer to Flamini. And he's free, versatile and young. I read on newsnow that we're going to sign Amaury Bischoff on a free, but still... Bischoff isn't Australian. We need a Aussie in the heart of the Arsenal. Aussies are awesome.

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