Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lachter Wants Arshavin Out of Arsenal (part 2)

Dennis Lachter's been talking to the press again:

Lachter builds on the "disappointment" theme introduced in yesterday's comment. Now, according to Lachter, it's the "manager, players and fans" who are unhappy and disappointed with the poor season. Lachter is knitting our disappointment (as fans) with Arshavin's disappointment (as a player). So the more we can emphasise with Arshavin, the more we weil start to sympathise with his desire to join Barcelona.

Lachter then backtracks somewhat on the Arshavin to Barcelona theme. He says that Arshavin is happy to play for Arsenal, it's just that Barcelona is his dream. But the key phrase in this comment is the line "unless something extraordinarily dramatic happens, he (Arshavin) will finish his career at Arsenal". It manages to convey the impression that Arshavin is loyal (unless something extraordinarily dramatic happens), and yet leaves the way open for a move to Barcelona, if it eventuates.

So what's been happening so far?

I'm starting to think Lachter's playing this one from both sides. He wants to put Arshavin's availability on general notice, but he's also keen to emphasise Arshavin's loyalty. I don't think there's an actual buyer for Arshavin at the moment. Lachter is just testing the waters before the transfer window opens. This year, it's a short window before the World Cup, and Lachter would want clubs to be ready to bid as soon as possible.

So on the 359th last day of my 20s, I ran 2 kilometres before my shin splints played up again; was told my by GP that I don't have Hep C or AIDS; ate a whole roast chicken for lunch; went to work for 4 hours; got my first ever speeding ticket; and then showered and started blogging.

Might get an early night tonight - working 4 hours a day really takes it out on you.

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