Saturday, August 9, 2008

3-2 to the Arse

"We were always dangerous going forward but we had two lapses of concentration and they scored two fantastic goal. Ajax were sharp and incisive and they took advantage of every mistake we made."

- Arsene Wenger, 3-2 to the Arsenal

So, we're dangerous going forward, but we lose concentration at the back. Gotcha. Arsene Wenger should record that sentence right now, because he's going to be saying that a lot over this season. I know it's still the pre-season, but it's very scary considering we're playing FC Twente next week.

Ajax lost to FC Twente, y'know.

I want to believe. I really do. Wenger's been talking the good talk lately, saying how the pain of last year will drive us on, and how our players are one year older and one year cannier. But it doesn't matter how much pain and how much canniness you've got, if the problems of last year don't get addressed, we're still going to concede goals via high balls through the centre of defence.

Maybe I'm being too harsh. There are three little birds in my head, telling me not to worry about a thing. Because every little thing's going to be alright. We did come back from two goals down. Adebayor keeps on scoring, which is nice. And as Wenger said, as long as we keep on scoring more than the opposition, we're sweet.

Whatever the case, I shouldn't be tearing out my hair in frustration. Not yet, anyway. The season hasn't even begun. There's still time and there's still hope. And I should leave some hair for those crucial games up north where we lose 0-1 against dodgy opposition. Or maybe I should shave it all off first. At least that way it won't be physically painful.

On a brighter note, here's an Adebayor song I thought of in the shower, to the tune of the Toreador Song from Carmen:

Adebayor, that lying, stinking whore
Adebayor, he'll leave us for sure.

Who fucking cares as long as Ade scores?
Three goals or more, one goal for sure

Adebayor, Adebayor, Adebayor
, yor, yor.

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