Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vieira to Man City

"I wanted to go to the World Cup and I need playing time... What's important for me is to go to Manchester City, to show the coach that I am the same as I was during the period when he was at Inter. All this will help me get into the France team."

- Patrick Vieira, explaining why he'll be playing for City before long

I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed by Vieira moving to City. I understand the reasons behind the move - the chance to play under Domenech in a World Cup is too good to pass up - but I can't help but think that he's moving to the wrong club. It's going to be strange seeing him in a sky-blue shirt.

It's a pity that he's not going to spend the last few years of his career at the Arsenal. We could do with a tough-tackling midfielder who can provide genuine leadership and instil a winning attitude upon our impressionable young naifs. And we could do with one that would retire in a couple of years, and make room for Messrs Coquelin, Frimpong, Eastmond and JET. And we could really do with someone who could cover for Song over January.

Some people would say that he wouldn't fit into the Arsenal because doesn't have the legs for our game anymore. They'd point to the crazy levels of fitness that Wenger demands. They'd point to Vieira injury record. They'd argue that since Wenger judged him too old five years ago, it stands to reason that he'd still be too old to play the Arsenal way.

But I don't know about that. We've a bunch of young whipper-snappers who can run around like crazy and compensate. And a 4-3-3 seems tailor-made for a DM who can't run a lot but who can direct traffic and shield the defence. I'm not expecting the Vieira of old after all. I'm expecting old Vieira - a vastly experienced 33 year old who can do the water-carrying and stiffen our resolve when things get tough.

It's going to be an interesting looking Man City side. Toure, Adebayor, Sylvinho, Taylor, and now Vieira... if the Abu Dhabi sheikhs wanted our players that badly, they should've saved their money and just bought the club.

Oh, and this is a classic from Wenger, about Gallas's great recent form:

Probably the first time in his career that Gallas has been praised for not talking.


Anonymous said...

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Vertino said...

Happy new year Weg!

I read somewhere that Gallas took a vow of silence after that infamous rant before the Man City game?

I loved that quote by on the Sheikhs. Used it for my latest blog post