Monday, December 14, 2009

No More Mr Nice Wenger

"I'd never seen him like that before. He said we didn't deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt and he was right because we really weren't good."

- Cesc Fabregas, about Wenge's half-time blast

2-1 to the Arsenal last night, and it looks like Wenger's finally worked out how to motivate Arsenal when we're playing like crap. We played terribly first half. We played better in the second half. And the only difference in between was that Wenger yelled at his players at half-time. 

You wonder that Wenger never tried it before. God knows, some Arsenal performances over the years have deserved a bollocking. I don't know how he can stand in front of those players at all those half-times and not lose his cool. I yell at Almunia quite a bit, and I don't have a pitch-side view of his various misdeeds. 

Still, a 2-1 away win against Liverpool isn't to be sneezed at. It closes the gap between us and Chelsea. It gives our players another win. It knocks Liverpool back out of contention. And best of all, it knocks some fear of Wenger into our players. 

It might help Diaby jump the next time he's marking a set-piece.

It might help Denilson get his foot in. 

It might help Song run and press and give it 100%. 

It might turn Arsenal into a football team with a spine.  

And wouldn't that be something?