Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do we care about the FA Cup?

Stoke City tomorrow night(?), and I'm wondering if the FA Cup is a worthwhile competition. I realise English people regard it with a certain affection, but why? It's an unseeded, one-legged cup competition that offer little little prize-money and a UEFA Cup place for the winner. For a club of Arsenal's stature, it's not much more important than the League Cup.

So why not throw the match?

It'll be nice to see the kids up against Stoke. The Guardian preview has Coquelin at right-back with Eastmond as DM. I'm thinking it'll be advantageous to have Eastmond as right-back (he's played there before), but mainly out of curiosity to see how Coquelin will do in the midfield. Heard great things about him.

We don't need to win the FA Cup this year. Especially not with the run of league games we've got coming up. I'd rather lose this and pick up points in subsequent games, rather than have a bunch of exhausted players fronting up against Chelsea and Man Utd in a month's time.

After all, it's just the FA Cup

In other news, 87.3% of Guardian readers think that Gary Neville is a "boot-licking moron". I'm not sure about the other 12.3%, but they're probably thinking something lot worse. Whatever the case, it's bad form to bag an ex-teammate, especially one who's playing for your cross-city rival and who plays better when "fired up". Carlos Tevez was right, and Alex Ferguson and Gary Neville were wrong.

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