Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jay-Z's a gooner

"I'm glad Arsenal now know it's them I support. It would be good to chat with Cesc and some of the other guys over lunch. The next time I'm playing in England I would like the Arsenal playesr to come and watch my gig and then come backstage afterwards."

- Jay-Z, as gushy as a kid in a No.4 shirt

Apparently, Jay-Z supports Arsenal and his favourite player is Cesc Fabregas. He has a wish to meet the Arsenal players one day, and organise a time when they can come backstage with him one time when he does a gig in England. I find it quite remarkable that a guy like Jay-Z, who has everything the world can give, can come off sounding like a fan-boy when talking about the Arsenal.

It clarifies a few things, though. I always wondered why Adebayor was so pissed-off and regretful about leaving the Arsenal. It couldn't be because of the money. It couldn't be because of the trophies. And it couldn't be because of missing the opportunity to head-butt a team-mate on the pitch - with Craig Bellamy on the team, they're bound to start fighting one day.

I think Adebayor's regretful because he's going to miss the opportunity to meet Beyonce. If Jay-Z wants to meet the team, they would've met her one day. Didn't he once compare the chance to play for Barca or Milan to the chance of dating Beyonce? At the Arsenal, he would have had an opportunity to meet her, and maybe even impress her with the reflected glory of the Arsenal. But now at Man City? Fat chance. No one thinks playing for Man City is impressive.

I wonder how Jay-Z would react if an Arsenal Adebayor was to chat up Beyonce? I wonder if he'd be chuffed like a fan-boy that Adebayor was chatting up his wife?

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