Friday, September 12, 2008

Morning Glory

All your dreams are made
When you're chained to the mirror to the razor blade
Today's the day that all the world will see...

- Morning Glory, Oasis

So, we're not getting Appiah

It's a bit deflating, that. It's even more deflating when you're hoping Appiah is the one who'll bring balance to the Arsenal. I was hoping for someone of a bit more renown, but I was willing to settle for Appiah. I was willing to settle for anyone

But now, there's no one.

Still, no point getting annoyed about it. It's not raining in Manchester. It's the third day in a row that hasn't rained. So it's going to be a good day. Just got to figure out what to do until Saturday, and Arsenal vs Blackburn. I'm looking forward to my first away match. It'll be interesting. I can't believe how no one here knows how to get to Blackburn. It's like the black hole of the north-west. 

If Nasri's out, probably Walcott and Eboue on the flanks. If Nasri's in, then Eboue on the right. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully not, but then Le Boss loves Eboue like I love fried food - we both know it's not good for us, but we can't help going back. 

Manchester is a pretty city. I was walking along the canals in south, under these enormous railway arches. There's something really impressive with brutally large architecture. It's not like modern skyscrapers which, although tall, are built on a human scale. When you're looking at a former garment factory, a newspaper print house or a railway line, you know that these buildings were built to accommodate machines, not humans. And walking amongst them is like entering a giant's world. 

I wonder if I should get a MacBook

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