Sunday, September 14, 2008

4-0 to the Arsenal

Adebayor, Adebayor
Give him the ball, and he will score

- the Arsenal away fans at Ewood Park, Blackburn

I'm thinking I should write to Danny Fizsman and ask for a season ticket. You see, I've seen three Arsenal games for a combined score of 11-0. In those three games, we've been lucky, brilliant and brilliantly lucky, often in the same half. This can't be coincidence. 

I think I'm a lucky charm. 

It was a lucky performance by Arsenal this time around. 4-0 can be a misleading score. Blackburn were unlucky to go into the break 0-2 down. They broke through the centre of the park with alarming easy, and Santa Cruz was scarily efficient at receiving long balls. If it wasn't for poor finishing, we would've gone in 2-2. 

That said, we DID win 4-0. Which is a lovely, lovely result. So I can't complain much. Only about the necessity of a monster at centre-half and a tank in central midfield. I'm really impressed with the way Walcott fronted up after the England match - he made nice runs, rode the inevitable tackles, and always demanding the ball. And I was impressed with Song when he came on in the second half - he looks the part as our anchoring midfielder, and he'll be awesome for us in a couple of years. 

And Adebayor - it was a nice touch when, after his second goal, he looked at the Darwen Stand (the Arsenal stand) pointed at the crowd and beat his chest. Corny perhaps, and definitely pre-meditated, but it felt heart-felt. Here's a guy who acted like a tosser over the transfer window, and who wants to make amends - at least until Barca come sniffing after him again. 

It was the first time I saw Wilshire play, as well. When I saw him step off the bus, I got a huge shock - the kid looks like a kid. Then, I realised he was only sixteen. Hopefully he's still got a bit of growth left in him. Remarkably, he did okay; the game was over by the time he came on, but he didn't look out-of-place. 

I'm at the Liverpool Apple Store right now. I really should think about buying a MacBook - it's probably just an acute case of tech lust, but they are very, very pretty machines. 

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