Thursday, September 25, 2008

6-0 to the Arsenal

"This team can beat most teams and no matter how far we go in this competition, I will stick with them. Can they win it? Why not?"

- Arsene Wenger, keeping a lid on things

Last night, 56,632 people saw an Arsenal youth side spank Sheffield Utd silly. I didn't watch the match, but I did see the highlights just now. Which entitles me to give you three small points:

1. Turns out I'm not a lucky rabbit's foot, after all 

I thought I was pretty important; I've attended four games for an aggregate score of 11-1. Turns out I was just holding the boys back. Fortunately for the Arsenal, I doubt I'll be able to attend any more games. They'll be free to win 6-0 instead of scraping through with 3-0. 

2. Does anyone remember the 5-1 Carling Cup win against Liverpool?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I know it's an awesome result, and Vela has the makings of a very, very good striker, but we've to keep grounded here. It's the Carling Cup, folks. No one rates the Carling Cup. Our kids spanked Liverpool 5-1 a couple of years ago, and we're still waiting for Denilson and co. to fulfil the promise of that night. Plus, from the highlights, Sheffield Utd were very, very poor in defence. 

3. The other 4,388 Arsenal ticket holders must be kicking themselves for not attending

I'm kicking myself for not cutting short my stay in Newcastle and flying to London for the match. I saw Hadrian's Wall today and while it's a remarkable bit of masonry, it's nothing compared to watching Arsenal's golden future in the present. Think about how stupid those 4,000-odd gooners are feeling today. 

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