Friday, July 3, 2009

Owen to Utd

"I've got skin thicker than 99.9% of the population and I have got used to it. I'll come back. I'll play well and score goals once more."

- Michael "The Elephant Man" Owen, about to sign with Man Utd

Maybe Ferguson knows something we don't? Because he's just about to sign Michael Owen, the man who most of the Premier League wouldn't touch in fear of catching "injury-proneness".

Whatever the reason, Michael Owen's got a medical at Old Trafford today, and could be playing for Man Utd next season. That's only if he passes a very stringent medical, of course. He's got a history after all, and you wouldn't want him unless he was okay. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they got Owen to do some of those World's Strongest Man events just to make sure he's fit.

It makes you wonder, though. First they lost Ronaldo. Then they lost Tevez. Then they missed out on Ribery, and then on Benzema. And now, they've decided to latch onto Michael Owen. £80 million doesn't get you much these days, does it? I wonder what Man Utd fans are thinking; must be similar to what we gooner think every frickin' day.

But he's still a good player, is Michael Owen. He'll give you goals, if you can supply them. Bung him in a 4-3-3 with Berbatov and Rooney, and he'll have so many chances that even Adebayor could get a hattrick. The only problem is that he's pretty much just a poacher. And if you're fielding an ornamental footballer like Berbatov as well, that might be one passenger too many.

Oh well, we'll wait and see. Interesting one, this one.


Anonymous said...

I just think its a Alan Smith kinda signing. Great for a season or two at most.

Utd had it too easy in terms of negotiation, it would have been interesting if rafa offered him lower terms. Would he sign for utd for the money or pool because that's his club (it isn't because he's an Everton fan isn't he!).

I've heard that Rooney might play as an AM behind Berbatov and Owen. That would be interesting. also shows Utd's finances aren't the best if they're replacing Tevez and Ronaldo with Valencia and Owen.

Connolly's agent said...

I don't think Liverpool have the luxury of paying Owen 50k a week and risk him being unfit. I imagine most clubs looked at his wage demands and said no. Man Utd just lost Tevez and Ronaldo, so 50k is nothing to them.

4-3-1-2 next season? Maybe not if they've bought Valencia. I think it'll be a variation of 4-5-1; it's what the cool kids are doing nowadays.