Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goodbye, Adebayor

We salute you too, Adebayor.

It's lovely how the sale of Adebayor has brought us all together. It wasn't so long ago that gooners were split between the rational, intelligent, good-looking pessimists, the insanely optimistic crazy people, and the band-wagon jumping crew who have long since given up on the Arsenal. We've been at odds for so long over the direction that the current Arsenal management is taking us, so it's nice to realise that there still are some things we can all agree on.

Selling Adebayor to Man City for £25m was one of them.

I don't think we should dwell on who we're going to replace him with, whether it's Chamakh, Huntelaar or internal solutions. That'll be divisive. Instead, let's savour the afterglow of this transfer and be happy that, for once, we can all agree that this remarkable transfer was 100% correct.

In a way, it's a pity it's come to this. On the days he wanted to be a good striker, Adebayor was one of the best in the world. However, once he thought he'd made it, he stopped trying. That to me is the real shame. There's so much to like about Adebayor's game, and it's not nice to see it go to waste.

Let's hope he can peak next season against Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd... everyone except us, really. Because when he's focused, he's a bloody hard striker to play against.

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