Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lots Of FourFourTwo Articles About Cesc

I've been browsing FourFourTwo, and it's remarkable to see how many articles there about Cesc Fabregas. I thought I might share a few with you:

Fabregas Flattered By Xavi Plea - in which Cesc says "thanks, but no thanks" to Xavi's open invitation to join the Barcelona Globetrotters in their mission of world domination and Catalan independence.

Fabregas: Rosicky Is My Best Bud - in which Cesc says that he likes hanging out with Rosicky, playing Playstation and watching movies. And, in what is possibly a tongue-in-cheek dig at Wenger, he hails Rosicky's return as "just like a new signing".

Fabregas: Wenger Is God - in which Cesc says that we fans regard Wenger as God. I take objection to that. I don't think Wenger is the Messiah - I think he's a very naughty boy for not spending our transfer budget.

Fabregas: Arsenal Must Find Ruthless Streak - in which Cesc says that touch and control is vital if we're to beat Blackburn this weekend. I'd add that a continent defence, a world-class DM and an international class goalkeeper would also pretty handy.

Cesc Hails Arshavin and Vermaelen - in which Cesc observes that experienced, quality signings ARE a boon for the team. Let's hope the Arsenal take the logical next step and buy a few more quality experienced players to plug our other gaping holes.

All these articles were written either yesterday or today. In case you're wondering, there's no point to this article, by the way. I'm just bemused that so many headlines have been given over to Cesc Fabregas stories, since posting one big article on Fabregas would've sufficed.

Oh, and after watching bits of the Friday morning Valencia - Genoa Europa Cup match, I've decided that Valencia will be my new second club. They have a great passing style that's played with pace and attacking flair. In many ways, Valencia play football the way that Arsenal want to play. Two of my favourite players, Silva and Villa, play for Valencia. And the Mestella is my favourite football stadium (yes, I liked it better than than the Emirates).

It was a tough decision because it's so tempting to support Barcelona right now; with Barca you're almost guaranteed trophies. Valencia are in the unenviable position. They're the nearly-men of La Liga. They play great football with very little prospect of ever winning anything. They're crippled by a stadium debt and they struggle to hang on to their best players. They're a lot like Arsenal.

I knew there was a reason I liked them so much.


Vertino said...

Might I say there is a better chance that Arsenal have a better chance of winning trophies this year than Valencia would.

The Mestalla looks a very intimidating place compared to the Emirates which is very welcoming. I want our fans to outsing, outperform the rivals. Against Olympiakos, we were outsung by the Greeks at times. Shouldn't happen.

About Wenger not signing any more players, I think I only agree with you 50% (we only need one more in defence and one more in midfield) but we have the 3rd highest wage bill. That means we need to ship a couple of players..

Connolly's agent said...

The Mestalla is awesome. It's a rickety old concrete thing that's got steep sides and filthy seats, and it's covered with the grime of decades of football fans. A full one is amazing, much better than the Emirates.

We're over-paying our youth players. And I think ideally we need a GK, DC, DM and a ST, but I'd settle for a GK And a DM for now. Senderos and Song can do a job in DC, and we've enough young strikers to hope that one of them will become the striker we require.