Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wellcow to Madrid

"First African-American president - better do good."

- Malia Obama, showing that Barack's not the only one with a flair for snappy phrases

I've a weakness for a bad pun. So when I came across a psychedelically-painted cow entitled "Wellcow to the Island", I took a photo of it. It was in the middle of the Plaza de Oriente, with the Palacio Real on one side, the Teatre Real on the other, and a statue of Phillip IV in the middle. It is a very pretty plaza. 

But the highlight was definitely the cow. 

There are life-sized statues of cows scattered throughout Madrid. They've been painted in different styles by different artists and they've been on display for about five days. Apparently, it's part of a cultural exhibit that's been touring Europe. In a couple of weeks, they'll pack up the herd and ship them off to the next city. 

Just watched the inauguration speech. Really stirring stuff. At the moment, Obama's escorting Bush down the steps of the Capitol, towards the helicopter and out of Washington. Forever. 



As a postscript, I got barred from two nunneries that afternoon. Didn't get into the Royal Convent of Bare-foot Nuns, and didn't get into the Royal Covent just down the road from the Palacio Real. It's a pity. I really wanted to see where the bare-foot nuns lived. There're thirty of them, and they're hermetically sealed - cut off from the world, except for one family visit a year. 


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that's nice to know.

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