Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pete's getting married

"It's a nice day for a white wedding."

- Billy Idol, White Wedding

I'm not certain, but I'm fairly sure Pete and Felicia are married by now. 

I was told the date of the wedding was the 7th, but that's a Sunday, and most weddings are on a Saturday. It's academic, though. I'm a bit hazy about the time difference, but they're probably in the early hours of the 7th in Australia at the moment. So either way, I suppose it's appropriate to blog about it this afternoon. 

Pete and I have known each other since we were ten years old. We pretty much grew up together. It's strange to think how old we've become, and how seamlessly it happened. I can still remember those Sunday afternoons when we played cricket until it was too dark to see the ball, and then board games after dinner. It's making me a bit guilty because I really should be there, instead of here in Napoli. It seems a bit silly to be roaming around Europe when important things are happening back home. 

Makes you realise just how myopic and self-absorbed travelling really is. 

Speaking of which, I've just come off a pizza-crawl of Napoli - five pizzerias in two days - and I'm starting to feel the effects of it. My blood's half cheese at the moment. My hands get shaky around two o'clock if I don't have a slice in my hand. I keep seeing Margherita pizzas everywhere I go, and I get cold sweats at night and nightmares about being chasing by giant basil leaves. 

And the Arsenal beat Wigan 1-0, in a hideous display of football. Apparently. I was lining up for a Margherita at the time. A fifteen minute wait for the fourth best Margherita I've ever had (the dough was grand, but the cheese was a bit thin). Pity I missed the Arsenal win, but when you're chasing the red-yellow-green dragon, you lose sight of the things that matter.

We love the Arsenal, we do.


Anonymous said...

Pete's wedding was very good, we had a lovely time. I passed on your best wishes to them.

There's alway a problem when your tastes become too refined; it's going to difficult to enjoy an ordinary pizza from now on.

By the way, a guest at the wedding suggested Vienna in Christmas would be wonderful; like an Andre Rieu concert. But I guess you have already being there.

David is going for a trip around Europe as well starting tomorrow. You may just bump into him in a tourist trap.

Take care, hope you are enjoying you grand tour.

Connolly's agent said...

Vienna would be good. I imagine it'll look beautiful with snow and Christmas lights. But it's really, really expensive. I'm starting to think that I'll just stay in Italy. The Christmas markets in Naples were amazing; it's in the old quarter, in amongst these narrow alleys and piazzas, and so crowded in the daytime you can barely move.

Did you ask David about his itinerary? If it's mainyl Western Euopre, it's highly probable that we'll meet up - I seem to be bumping into the same people all the time now.

I'm glad it was a good wedding. They'll do well together.

Anonymous said...

I don't know his exact itinerary. Do you have his email?

Your brother