Friday, October 3, 2008

Nasri's a playa

“We’d still be together if she hadn’t met Nasri in Cuba. I’m absolutely furious with him and would consider punching his lights out if we met."

Phil Mc Caw, cuckolded by an ugly, ugly Frenchman

I'm killing time until my train to Trondheim. I figured that if I waited for the sleeper, I'd save a bit on the accommodation, I'll have a bit more time to wander around Oslo, and I'd be able to hang around a bit in the hotel and maybe get some rest. 

Yep, I'm livin' large these holidays. 

Another one who likes to live it up is Samir Nasri. This story comes from The Sun, so I'm not sure how true it is, but apparently, Nasri cheated on his girlfriend with an English girl named Aymee Davison.  Aymee, alas, was also attached at the time. Phil Mc Caw, the wronged, party, is a lumbering Yorkshire rugby player who is contemplating having a frank and earnest discussion with our Sammy. 

If I was Nasri, I'd be quite glad for every inch of rolling hill and gentle pasture that separates me from being turned into Yorkshire pudding.  If I was Wenger, I'd be glad as well. We need Nasri in the side. He adds a bit of creativity and inventiveness, and takes the burden off Cesc, somewhat. We've a thin squad, and we don't need Nasri injured for another two month. 

Actually, I'm quite disappointed with our Sammy. I really quite liked him, up to this point. But it's the sign of a cad to go after another guy's girl. Especially if you've a hot little number at home as well, by the name Tatiana Golovin. Honestly, what's Sammy thinking? Tatiana's much, much prettier that Aymee.

Can't imagine our Theo pulling a stunt like that - he's such a nice boy. 

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