Friday, October 17, 2008

Maybe Cesky Krumlov?

Unfortunately we have lost some players over the 10 days – William Gallas (hamstring), Bacary Sagna (knee) and Nicklas Bendtner (ankle).... Fortunately the three of them don’t look to be out for a long, long time but they will be out for the weekend game and I think the game on Tuesday."

- Arsene Wenger, taking it rather well, all things considered

First, the good news. Prague is a very pretty city and there are great views of it from Prague Castle. It's the kind of city that turns every tourist into a slack-jawed yokel. You wouldn't believe the ornamentation on some of these buildings. If some of them were dragged off to Melbourne and plonked down on Swanston St, they'd probably nudge the trams off as the No.1 Tourist Attraction. Here, these buildings are just everyday tobacco stores, delis and liquor stores.... 

I'm debating whether or not to go to Cesky Krumlov during the weekend. On one hand, it's supposed to be a compact, cordialised form of Prague. Folks who plan to stay two days often hang around for four. On the other hand, it's potentially four days out of my Schengen budget, and I really want some time to see Spain and Italy properly. 

So I don't know. 

Another thing I don't know is what we're going to do against Everton. We've got a lot of injuries. Gallas, Sagna and Bendtner are definitely out. Cesc has a broken nose and Djourou and van Persie have injury scares. Worse comes to worse, we're looking at a centre-back pairing of Toure and Song, with Ramsey and Denilson as our centre-midfielders. 

It don't look so good. So maybe I should go to Cesky. It'll be nice to be distracted by lovely medieval buildings while our callow squad is being exposed by another set piece. I don't think I can handle the pain of dropping more points at the Emirates. And the beer here's very good. Apparently, all the "Pilsner" beers in Central Europe come from the same small town in the Czech Republic. 

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