Thursday, February 18, 2010

Should I watch Arsenal vs Porto?

It's 7:11pm on a Thursday, and I'm wondering if I should watch the Arsenal vs Porto Champions League replay tonight. SBS in their wisdom decided to show Bayern vs Fiorentina, so I've had to make do with match reports and youTube highlights all day. And from what I've seen on youTube, it was a bit of a shambles.

The first goal was bad. Bad positioning by Clichy, bad goalkeeping by Fabianski. The second goal was worse. I suppose you could say that Fabianski is rusty from sitting on the bench all season, but still, those were really, really bad errors. I gather the rest of the team was shit as well, but at the end of the day we conceded two sloppy goals and they were both the fault of our goalkeeper.

So what's the deal with Fabianski? What should he do now? I gather he's a talented 'keeper with an Achilles' heel of poor self-confidence. It would explain way Wenger spent so much time before the match trying to boost him up. He's a full international, so he's got the talent. But every time he's played for the Arsenal, he's had some sort of brain-freeze. I still remember last season (against Man Utd?) when he came out of his box to chase an opponent, and when the opponent passed to another player, he ran off to chase the other guy. Funny stuff in retrospect, but alarming at the time.

I'm assuming the problem is that he's been on the bench for so long that he can't keep calm when he gets his chance. He's probably got some form of performance anxiety. We should really consider sending him off on loan to a struggling Championship team, so he's given a lot of opportunity to foil attacks. At 24, it's still not too late for him.

With regards to Almunia, though, I think we should sell and buy someone awesome.

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