Monday, September 28, 2009

On a Monday

There's not a lot on today.

van Persie wants the team to maintain focus before the Champions League match against Olympiakos. Considering the relative weakness of the group, I think we could afford to drop a few points against Olympiakos, but I agree that we need to be up for this match. Winning is contagious, and we need to keep our streak going.

"They will give all they have against us. We need to be ready for that. I think we are, because we all know how football works when you do not give 100 percent - any team can beat you, even a Blue Square League team. When you do not do everything, you are gone. We will do that in this group and have a good chance of going through."

Long-suffering gooners know what happens when our players don't give 100 percent. It happened quite often last year. We would win a few games, then get complacent, and then lose an "easy" game against weaker opponents. Let's hope the Arsenal have learnt to give a full effort every game.

Theo Walcott's ready to make his first appearance with the Arsenal. He's had a busy summer, what with all his injuries and his international commitments. Wenger says that:

"He has a chance to be in the squad but not to be starting. He has played only 45 minutes since June."

I'm keen to see what Theo can do in a 4-3-3. One thing we've lacked in the current formation is a zippy winger on the right. Bendtner has done a good job, and his centre-forward-as-winger cameo has a certain value (he's almost certain to win the long balls), but it'll be nice to see Theo back in the side and stretching the defense with his pace. He's one of the few players in this team with genuine pace. We're a much better side with him in.

And lastly, Mark Randall's girlfriend has been posing topless for a lad's magazine. Apparently, if you send in a few pictures of yourself in your underwear, you could land a contract at Zoo Magazine. It's an unusual job interview process they've got at Zoo. I've just googled the initiative, called "Gimme A Job!", and found this quote from Zoo editor Ben Todd:

"We’ve decided to showcase the impressive talents of jobless females to potential new employers. We’ve made it completely non-discriminative: by removing their clothes, we’ve removed the preconceptions. We’ve all got to do our bit to help beat the recession.”

Now I realise England's borne the brunt of the GFC, but surely it's not THAT hard to find a job, is it?

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